AIM Consulting (Association of Innovative Marketing) is a student-run organization established and managed by undergraduate students at the University of Southern California. We provide reliable and quality marketing consultancy services for semester-based clients across multiple industries. Our mission is to provide professional development and real world experience by working with clients on a variety of marketing services, ranging from advertising to market research. Although we tailor our teams to the specific needs of our clients, each project is usually executed by a team of three to four consultants with the support of the Executive Board.


We are focused on building value for our community of clients and our undergraduate consultants. To our clients, we strive to provide innovative, yet tangible solutions, which lead to optimized decision making and increased sales and promotion. By combining a comprehensive marketing curriculum and experience with real clients, AIM Consulting provides its members the opportunity to thrive in the field of marketing consulting and beyond.


Our Three-Tier Philosophy:

1. Innovative marketing solutions for our clients

2. Professional development for our consultants

3. Marketing experience beyond the classroom




Integrity | Teamwork | Professionalism

Innovation | Excellence | Leadership

Problem Solving | Personal Growth


Where We Go:

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